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An easy procedure called ICanDo Activation training is enough to encourage your brain to function to the fullest 100% without putting extra efforts. All you have to do is to devote …
4,5 minutes of your time to it! The secret lies in the three key words: “I Can Do”:

Human abilities are endless, ICANDO can do everything!
Activation with the ICANDO method

  • encourages activities of the human brain
  • helps to maintain one’s abilities on a high level
  • prevents and eliminates stressful and depressing situations

⇨ therefore, it can replace medicine and other stimulation tools and doping.

Villa Citronella gives its guests a unique opportunity to apply special ICanDo trainings, which have successfully passed numerous tests and special expert examinations and are proven to produce impressive results!

There are 3 kinds of ICanDo trainings that can be tried in ICanDo Ocean Centre, Villa Citronella:




Have a look at short films that describe the way ICanDo trainings work
or see a COMPLETELY FREE Demo version of a module on our website www.icandosystem.com

Now you can also access ICanDo module through your iPhone! Download an Application “ICanDo Module” from App Store and be fit and active any moment!