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Antistress Week

“Antistress Week” is a unique program created by professionals within the team of ICanDo System of Activation and is aimed to help its users to get rid of stress and stay active and fit for a long time after their vacation is over.

The program is comprised of “dice”, where each dice equals one day.

It ensures 7 days of a totally carefree relaxation in Seychelles, during which everything is being taken care of: luxurious villa with a garden, splendid meals, exciting program that changes every day, pleasant entertainment, gorgeous beaches, SPA… Everything is arranged so that the brain can loosen up and get rid of stress COMPLETELY! By the end of the program every participant receives an ICanDo Certificate of being Stress-free!

The program is specially organized in such a way that its users will never have a single thought that something is missing (for example, work!). Instead, all your nature: brain, body, stomach will be in peace and harmony all the time.

Every day a different scenario is prepared for the program participants, which schedules meals, snacks, drinks, entertainment, activities, ICanDo trainings and perhaps other events according to particular guest preferences.

The program includes:
  • unique ICanDo Antistress program
  • Full Boarding during the entire length of stay
  • Variety of drinks (tea, water, non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Fruits besides main meals
  • 1 boat trip (full day) with program
  • 1 SPA treatment in Allamanda Hotel
  • 1 cooking course of Creole dish preparation
  • 1 class of Creole dance “Sega”
  • Transfers
  • Internet access
  • Rent of equipment for beach and sea activities
  • Visit to Eden island

Accommodation in Villa Citronella is FOR FREE!!!