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Antistress package

Nowadays everyone realizes the existence of stress, it is no longer surprising and being denied. Stress takes place on the level of our consciousness.

But there is no reason to be afraid of stress! It can be driven out of your home just like an unwelcome guest. It is only important to realize that it exists everywhere around us, however it will not necessarily come knocking on your door.

What should we do with stress? Most importantly – we shouldn’t be afraid, but rather start caring about ourselves. We need to realize the need to explore a brand new approach of dealing with it and brand new ways and concepts in caring about ourselves. Just tell yourself, “I CAN DO IT” and that’s exactly the way to start the system.
I CAN DO IT (ICANDO) is a whole system which knows the answers to major crucial questions:
  • How can I fight stress?
  • How to resist depression?
  • How can I take care of myself preventively in this regard?
  • How to create harmonious family relationships?
  • How to strengthen my attention while driving?
  • How to manage conflict situations?

Why would you need it? It will help to remove toxins from the body that had been accumulated as a result of stress buildup; to maintain high vitality level, to slow down aging processes; to ensure long and happy life!

In our Villa Citronella ICanDo Ocean Centre provides all the necessary conditions and creates such an environment, in which it is possible to relieve stress fully and quickly.

With the help of ICanDo trainings our guests can activate themselves, feel energetic and be fit for another working year!

A unique Antistress Week program will guarantee that its participants leave Seychelles 100% stress free and ready to face their routine with their potential and abilities fully activated.